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Company website

Price $200/One time

E-commerce website

Price $350/One time

Newspaper website

Price $250/One time

A personal website

Price $150/One time

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Frequently asked questions

What is the importance of creating a website?

The website is of great importance after the technical development that has occurred in the world. Now the Internet has become a means of communication between individuals and customers. Therefore, owning a website is an inevitable thing because you can through it

  • Reaching new customers by publishing the company’s products and services on the website
  • Direct communication with clients
  • Online sale of products through the website
  • Introducing the company to the world … and more

We at Ahram Cloud Company offer design for a personal website, company, news newspaper, and online store

Do you need technical experience managing the website?

We provide an easy-to-use control panel for the average individual, so you do not need any programming knowledge experience in dealing with your website, and we always provide you with technical support to communicate with you always, answer and help in managing the website

How do I start with you to design my website?

We provide you with two ways to start with us, to make reservations directly via the automatic way through reservation and delivery, or you contact us by calling technical support and start the design phase with you step by step, and in all cases we ask you

  1. The name of the domain you want for the website
  2. The content that you want to place on the website (photos – videos … etc.)
  3. Company contact information, address, etc
  4. The general idea you want and any other information you want to put on the site Owning us to work to deliver you the website within the specified period

Finally, choose one of the design packages that we offer and if you want to book hosting as well

Is it possible to create an application for my site?

Yeah. Of course, any website can integrate with the Android or iOS mobile application

What is the cost of creating a website

There is a design cost on each type of site, so the price of the company’s website design differs from the online store from the news site, the news about the personal website according to what is implemented, and also the cost shown on each plan may range from increase or decrease according to each customer in the event of an increase or decrease in the required implementation in website

Is there a technical support for the after-sales website?

Yeah. Of course, we provide technical support for all the products we offer and after-sales service for free or paid

What are the basic components and contents of the website?

The website consists of basic pages and components that are in each site by default, unlike the domain of the site designed for it, which are as follows

  • The home page: all the main contents of the site are placed in it, and all site services are displayed in an introductory manner, and the purpose of the site is shown, and the customer is directed from it to the site’s internal contents
  • Services page: in which all the services and products of the company that you provide or sell are placed, and it is possible to add the feature of direct online sales or communication between the company and the customer directly through the website
  • Who we are page: in which the company’s identity, idea, future vision, and values ​​followed for the company are placed, and we also explain the company’s services and the work team … etc.
  • Contact us page: the means of communication available for the customer to communicate with the company are listed, and a direct correspondence form between the customer and the company is placed on it

Is it possible to develop my website in the future?

Yeah. Of course, we are using the latest technologies that can develop in the future and constantly update

Do you need help or support?

We are happy to assist you