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Frequently asked questions

What is our web hosting?

Our hosting service is a service that we provide with which we host files and data for your website in order for it to be available to everyone on the Internet and you need a domain also in order to connect and we help you in that too

How our web hosting works?

After you purchase the hosting plan that you have chosen according to the requirements of your website, then you have reserved its storage space on our server. You can then upload your website files on it by your control panel, after which your site works on our servers, we have a working team ready to complete this process on behalf Free of charge for you in the event of your request

You can request free technical support, please contact us

How to choose the appropriate hosting plan?

We offer many hosting options that vary in size, resources, or power on the server, as the website differs in its needs, so we have classified plans where each individual chooses what he needs .. So if your website is simple, it is a personal website or a small company and does not need a large storage space and does not reach a large number of visitors, then you need the small plan. If your site is of a large size and has a large number of visitors per month, then you need the higher plan .. and so on

What is Free SSL Certificate?

The Free SSL Certificate means that your website connection is secure and protected by the ssl data encryption protocol, and the web browser shows to the visitor that this site is protected when browsing the site, and this gives the client credibility and security when dealing with you and also requires Google now among its terms, and we offer you a Free SSL certificate Certificate is free, included with all hosting plans

How to build my own website after purchasing the hosting?

After simply purchasing the hosting, you have several options for designing your website

  • You contact us to design your website
  • Use the tools that we provide for free to design your own site, such as, we offer the ability to install a WordPress platform with a single click. You can install it from within your control panel and start designing your website or choose other platforms we offer such as the Joomla platform and others. We also offer it with one click

For more information, please contact us

If I already own a website, can I transfer it to your web host?

Certainly, you can transfer your website from the current host to us, a very simple process. Only you access your website files through your hosting provider via ftp or web file manager and you transfer them to our servers in the same way, after that your site becomes working for us. We offer our website transfer service for free

You can view our service store here

What is meant by multiple php releases?

Your website works on a specific version of php and we provide all versions of php from the first 5.2 version to the latest 7.4

Is it possible to upgrade hosting in the future?

Yes, you can only buy a higher plan, and we will upgrade without any effort from you

Do you need help or support?

We are happy to assist you