WordPress Transfer

Service details

Moving the wordpress website from one host to another host including:

  • Full site files
  • Website database
  • Email

What do you get when performing the service?

  1. Transferring all website contents to the new host (files + database – email)
  2. Website information file
  3. Running the website on the new host as before

What is required to implement the service?

  • Website address
  • Admin account site administrator to be moved
  • Login information for your old hosting account
  • Login information for your new hosting account

How to do this service?

  1. Click on the Buy button below
  2. You will be directed to the service request page (fill in the required information) and submit the request
  3. Note: In the Notes box, write the information required for us to perform the service
  4. After payment, the required service will be implemented and you will find the service details in your account on the website, and you will be notified by e-mail

For help and inquiries, please contact us

Price: $0.00 – $100.00/one time

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